Foto#1 Vera Hermanova Věra Heřmanová studied organ playing in Brno and in Paris. In her native city of Brno she successfully graduated from the Conservatory and the Faculty of Music of "Janáček Academy of Performing Arts". In Paris she rounded up her studies with one of the greatest virtuoso organists of 20th century, Master Gaston Litaize, receiving the "Premier Prix à l´Unanimité" am "Conservatoire National de Saint-Maur". Since then she has developed her professional career as concert organist. She has also further deepened her education at international courses of organ performance led by top European organists (such as Piet Kee, Ewald Kooiman, Guy Bovet or Lionel Rogg ). Studies in France predestined her for specification in performance of French organ music of all periods. Another focus of her interest has been Czech composers of organ music, especially contemporary. She has given world premieres of many of their compositions (for example pieces by Petr Eben, Sylvie Bodorová, Jan Jirásek and many others), performing them at prestigious concert stages at home and abroad and recording them (such as pieces by Klement Slavický, Vladimír Werner, Miloslav Kabeláč, Zdeněk Pololáník and many more). Some of these works were written directly for her and dedicated to her.

She completed her post-graduate studies of musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University in Brno with University Professor PhDr. Rudolf Pečman, DrSc., receiving her doctoral degree after submitting her dissertation theses entitled Vyústění novodobé francouzské varhanní tvorby-Olivier Messiaen, dědic francouzské varhanní tradice [Results of Modern French Organ Composition - Olivier Messiaen, Heir of French Organ Tradition], Brno 1997.

Her outstanding success at concert stages in many European countries (France, Austria, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, the United Kingdom) soon resulted not only in numerous invitations to renowned international music festivals (repeated appearances at the Prague Spring International Music Festival, Concentus Moraviae International Music Festival of 13 Towns, International Organ Festival in Olomouc, International organ Festival at St. Jacob´s Basilica in Prague and more, and a number of outstanding music festivals abroad) but also in open doors to many radio and gramophone recording studios. The resulting numerous recordings of Czech and French organ music of all periods have been issued on 13 carriers published by recording companies Supraphon, Bonton, Panton and BMG Ariola, and broadcast on Czech and foreign radio stations and TV channels. Her two CDs with contemporary and period Czech organ music performed on historic instruments have been awarded with the Czech Music Fund Prize. Her recording for Supraphon music publishers of F. X. Brixi´s concertos for organ and orchestra performed on period instruments has also met with a very positive response. She has always chosen attractive instruments for her recording projects, such as Czech baroque organs and the grand organ of the famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Chartres, France; she has been the only Czech organist sop far making a recording of a CD on this famous organ (Supraphon recording company).

In addition to giving recitals and making recordings the artist has also, to a smaller extent, though, devoted some of her time to teaching at the private music school "Studio Amadeus" (1994) in Brno, specialising in teaching keyboard instrument playing, founded and managed by her. For years she also worked as external teacher at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts in Brno; in the years 2004-2008 as teacher of the main subject of organ playing.

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