1 [Vera Hermanová's] performance of Bach's choral Ich ruf' zu Dir belonged to the most beautiful performances of the piece I have ever heard… …it was a pearl, with tasteful registration, a fountain of salutary peace… …Bach's Fantasy and Fugue in G minor: the Fantasy flew with pompous sonority… …the Fugue showed clear rhythm, articulation, flexibility and dramatic tension. Vera Hermanová presented Bach in a way demanding respect… Avis, ODENSE, Denmark
2 Vera Hermanová represented a compelling culmination of the event by her performance of a selection from French Baroque and contemporary composers (Couperin, Daquin, Dupré, Messiaen), in which she employed not only her typical play with timbres, always ideally chosen (her registration is really close to perfection), but also a sense of correct phrasing and dynamic contrasts. Her playing shows plasticity, mature musicianship and ability to fully capture the listener. Brnenský vecerník, BRNO
6 …in the second half of the recital, featuring 20th century organ music, the organist [Vera Hermanová] performed excellently… …contemporary Czech composer Petr Eben was performed by her in a way exemplary in all of its aspects… Le Dauphiné, GRENOBLE, France
7 …in Daquin's Variations she [Vera Hermanová] showed her temperament, presenting this simple and charming piece with elegant pointing.… Amager Avis, KODAN, Denmark
9 The Flentrop organ was played by the highly gifted organist Vera Hermanová of Brno… …her study with Gaston Litaize (Paris) was naturally and clearly manifesting itself… …her virtuosity in Trois pieces pour grand orgue by Jehan Alain and in B. A. Wiedermann's Toccata and Fugue in F Minor was highly convincing… Gelders Dagblad, WAGENINGEN, Holland
10 Vera Hermanová's… …performance was elevated to a level reaching beyond any criticism. Professor K. L., the organist of the Church of Virgin Mary in Lübeck, once told me: A good organist must have four right hands. Vera Hermanová does have them. Holsteiner Zeitung, Germany
11 To hear this widely learned and capable organist [Vera Hermanová] play the historic organ of the Lindelse church was a rare musical experience. We could hear how much a relatively small instrument can produce when played by a master… Fyns Amts Avis, LINDELSE, Denmark
17 A considerable enrichment of the evening was the appearance of Vera Hermanová, today one of the best Czech performers from the family of the royal instrument players. Her play could once again be characterised by not only absolute technical mastery, adherence to individual performing styles and a novel approach to registration, but also the ability to build dramatic gradation, which was manifested above all by an adequate performance of Petr Eben's Mutationes, and not less by her presentation of the strict and solemn J. S. Bach. Svobodné Slovo, BRNO
20 Vera Hermanová… ...has once again demonstrated her performing qualities tonight. Her technique is sovereign, her understanding of the pieces she performs is clearly excellent good, and her selection of the adequate timbre for each section is infallible... ...Vera Hermanová is doubtless a mature artistic personality able to perform equally well classical and contemporary music for organ. Rovnost, BRNO